Arrington Cemetery

Talleytown in Muskingum County

** I do not know where this is locate by what I have found out that it is in a town called Talleytown, of course, this town does not exist now. So if anyone knows where this may be. It would be greatly appreciated if you could e-mail information about this cemetery.****

***Note: If there is any additional information that needs to be added please send me an e-mail. I will get the information updated as soon as possible. We are looking for volunteers to take pictures, so we can get them before they are no longer readable or cemetery is gone.***

Name Birth Death Note
H (Waller) , Hannah P. Sept 11, 1834 Nov 23, 1856
Talley, Hannah Paulson Aug 11, 1793 Sept 30, 1857
Talley, Harmon J. Nov 16, 1828 Dec 31, 1847
Talley, John Foulk Oct 26, 1799 Nov 4, 1886