Muskingum County Revolutionary War

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*Source: The official Roster of The Soldiers of The American Revolution Buried in the State of Ohio, by Frank D. Henderson, John R. Rea, and Jane Dowd Dailey, Published by The F.J Heer Printing Co. 1929

Adam Barr (Baer)
Adam Barr
Picture from FAG member John V. Richardson JR.
Born: 1761
Married: Elizabeth
Military:List Lieutenant of 4th Company, 2nd battalion York Company Militia
Died: 1833
Buried:Buried St. John's Lutheran Cemetery in Stovertown

John Beale
Buried: Willis Farm Casse Twp Between Dresden and Frazeysburg on the dirt road.

Samuel Beavers
Samuel Beaver
Picture from FAG member Tom B Stone
Born: January 18, 1762 Loundoun County, VA
Military: Enlisted as Private in 1780 under Captain Thomas Lewis, Colonial Merriwether; Enlisted again in 1781 under Captain Francis Russell, Colonial George West. Fought in Battle of Yorktown and was present at capture of Cornwallis.
Died: June 23, 1833 
Buried: St. Paul Lutheran Cemetery in Sonora

Samuel Belknap
Born: Newbury, NY
Died: May 19, 1815 Zanesville
Buried: Woodlawn Cemetery

George Bird
Born: July 12, 1757 England
Married:  Deborah Thomas in 1788 in PA Chester County
Children: John (born July 25, 1789), Jonathan, Joseph, Elizabeth, Jane, George, Deborah (twins)(born July 12, 1799)
Military: A private in Captain John Nilson's 3rd Company, 6th Battalion Northampton Company Militia. Colonial Jacob Stroud.
Died: 1840
Buried: Old Stone Church
Taken from his tailor's bench at the age of 19 years by British authories. Brought to british camp on Brandywine July 1777 made his escape and joined American army. Served until close of the war. He was a tailor.

Scamon Bodman
Died: September 5, 1816
Buried: Springfield Chapel Cemetery in Springfield Township

Robert Boyd
Married: Sarah
Died: March 21, 1853
Buried: Boyd Old United Brethren Church Cemetery

John Briggs
Born: Ireland
Married: Mary Brown Lancaster PA around 1764
Children: Jane, Thomas, Robert, John, James (br: Jan 3, 1773), Sarah, Andrew, Mary, William, Esther.
Military: Private in Captain Ross Johnson's and Paxton's companies. Lancaster Company, PA militia.
Died: Feb 1802
Buried: Duncan Falls Cemetery
John Briggs of scotch Irish descent, married to Mary daughter of James and Jane Brown of Lancaster County, PA. They sold their home in Lancaster and moved to Ohio about 1797-1798 bringing all their household goods in a flat boat up the Muskingum Rive. Settled the land on the east side of the Muskingum River from 1 mile below Duncan Falls to about the same distance above Gaysport extending back from below the river about 1/2 mile. He was a farmer.

Israel Buker
Israel Buker
Picture from FAG member Nancy Ankrum
Born: Aprl 17, 1756, Bridgewater Plymouth County, Mass
Married: Sarah Black, 3rd wife
Military: Enlisted as Private under Captain Allen, 23rd regiment of Continental Troops; enlisted again under Captain Noah Allen 13th regiment as Private and Corporate and enlisted again as Sergeant under Captain Abram Watson. Honor discharge signed by Washington.
Died: November 5, 1848 Otsego Ohio
Buried: in the town cemetery (Otsego Cemetery)

John Calhoun

John Calhoun
Picture from FAG member Tom B Stone
Military: One of the body guards of Geroge Washington served from Mass.
Died: At age of 113 yrs.
Buried: First buried on Christian Klein Farm then moved to Fariview Chruch Graveyard.

Ezekiel Carter

Ezekiel Carter
Picture from FAG member CJW
Born: March 31, 1763
Married: Ann Brookover
Military: Was present at the surrender of Cornwallis
Died: October 17, 1833
Buried: Dresden Cemetery

Jonathan Cass

Born: October 9 or 19 1752 East Kingston NH
Married: Mary Gilman
Children: Charles, Lewis (Governor)
Military: Served as Private, Ensign, Lieutenant, Captain, and Major in NH Line. Took part in Battle of Bunker Hill, Seige of Boston, Battles of Saratoga, Princeton, Germantown, Trenton, Monmouth; was at Valley Forge; also a member of Sullivan Expedition against the six nations.
Died: August 9, 1830
Buried: Buried on farm, later remains moved to family plot in Dresden Cemetery

George Clapper
George Clapper
Picture from FAG member Robert Hill
Born: York Co PA Feb 1757
Married: ELizabeth Souders in 1781
Military: Enlisted Private in Captain Irvine's Company of PA troops. Also in Captain Christian Stokes Company.Colonial Michael Swope's Battalion of the PA Flying Campe. Was in Battle of Trenton. 
Died: Aug 11, 1837
Buried: Salt Creek Baptist Church Cemetery. Six miles east of Zanesville

Jacob Conine
Jacob Conine
Picture from FAG member Nancy Ann Mull Buchanan
Born: Dec 3, 1739
Married: Mary Cloxer
Died: Dec 5, 1821
Buried: Irville Cemetery

John Connor

Buried: Pleasant Hill Cemetery near New Concord

Alexander Culbertson Jr.

Born: 1747 near Cumberland
Parent: Alexander Sr.
Married: Mary Sharpe
Children: Elizabeth
Military: In the 1st company of the 4th Battalion of the Cumberland Company PA associators, Commanded by Lieutenant Samuel Culbertson.
Died: December 13, 1822 near Zanesville
Buried: Old Town Cemetery on old high school hill.

John Davis
Married: Hannah
Children: Benjamin Born October 20, 1797
Came to Ohio in 1814 settling in Muskingum County. John and Hannah were married in Wales and emigrated to America during the Revolutionary War. Mr. Davis was taken into the Army and served during the remainder of the war.

William Davis
Buried: Greenwood Cemetery. 60 feet from main entrance.

John Balsar Deitrick (Johann Baltsh) Sr.
Born: December 1753 in Lancaster County PA
Military: Enlisted in York Company as Private under Captain John Paxton, Colonial Robert McAlister, Succeeded by John Kennedy. Took part in a smirmish on Long Island with the Picket Guard of Hessians.
Died: March 18, 1838 Stovertown
Buried: Lutheran Cemetery in Stovertown

William Denison

Born: April 1756 Stonington, Connecticut
Married: Ann Slack
Children: William S.
Military: Private and Corporal in 3rd Connecticut Regiment. His company was detached to resist army of Cornwallis engaged in devastating country around Tide Water, VA.
Died: July 21, 1820
Buried: Family Plot near former dwelling.
Came to Ohio in 1810 and settled in Salem Twp near present day village of Adamsville.

Joseph Evans
Joseph Evans
Picture from FAG member Sara S.
Born: April 24, 1757 in Berks County PA
Parent: Peter Evans
Married: Ruth Sayre in 1791
Children: John, Phoebe, Joseph JR, Caleb, Mary, William, Reuben, James, Elizabeth, and Anna.
Military: Private served under Captain John Cotton and under Captain Thomas Saskill in the Chester County Battalion. Served 5 yrs.
Died: July 18, 1829 in Zanesville
Buried: Old Baptist Salt Creek Cemetery. Grave in the rear right hand corner as you approach the cemetery close to the graves of James Evans and wife Sarah Comstock and close to the graves od David Comstock and wife Susannah Steenrad.
Ruth born Aug 11, 1765 died March 26,1836.
In 1805, purchased 2 farms about four miles east of Zanesville and brought wife, family and mother thru in 1806 in now is Washington Township. Came from Washington County PA. Joseph was a widower with 1 son when he married his wife who was a widow with 1 son also.

Joseph Ewing

Born: 1756 Bath County Virginia
Parents: James Ewing and Margaret Sargent.
Married: Mary McNeal in 1785
Children: Elizabeth, Thomas, Jonathan, William, James, John, Sarah, Enoch, Jacob, Abram McNeil and George.
Military: Lieutenant battle Mt. Pleasant WV. 1774 under Gernal Lewis 
Died: Sept 1822 Ewington, Ohio
Buried: Family cemetery on his farm 1 mile east of village.

David Findley
Born: Ireland
Married: Jennie Mitchell in PA
Died: Muksingum County
Buried: Crooked Creek Cemetery
While residing in Union Township on a large tract of land where the town of New Concord now stands. Reared a family of eight children of whom all married and deceased by 1892 except for wife of son John, who was born in 1802. John was the fourth child. He was related to Gov. Findley and Dr. Findley of PA. He was a judge. In 1806, he purchased lands of Henry Reasoner, who had located in sec 1 in 1804. In 1827, the establishing of the national road through this place prompted hime to lay out a town which was accomplished March 24, 1828. This is an inscription "Judge David Findley's large brick house was erected in 1828. It was the first brick house in New Concord.

John Forsythe
John Forsythe Sr.
Photo from FAG member Janice Lapp
Born: February 25,1750 in Ireland
Married: Susannah Griffith
Died: Aug 11, 1838
Buried: Crooked Creek Cemetery 1 mile south of New Concord

Jacob Gaumer Sr.

Jacob Gaumer
Picture from FAG member Jeanne Gaumer
Born: April 15, 1756
Married: Catherine
Military: Drum Major in Washington's Army.
Died: May 5, 1820
Buried: New Hope Cemetery near Adamsville
Monument in place by great grand son C.N. Gaumer in 1927. 1806 he and family came from PA to Ohio at Gilbert. He sold ground to New Hope for cemetery. Two acres for $4.00 was present at the surrender of Cornwallis army at Yorktown.

Deacon Ichabod Griggs
Born: 1718
Died: 1790 Norwich
Presented Holland in the Assembly 1775-1777

William Hadden
Soldier in Rev. War and served five years. Ensign date of Commision April 25, 1758. Battalion of Hon. William Denny Ince of PA. Colonial in Chief. Came from PA to Ohio around 1820

George Hollenbach
Born: 1748 Lebanon County PA
Died: 1824 near Zanesville
Military: Served as Private 1780 in Captain Mathias Probst's Company PA line

John Huntington
Born: 1745
Died: 1815 Norwich, Ohio

George Jackson
Born: January 9, 1757 Virginia
Parent: John Jackson
Married: Elizabeth Von Brake (1st wife)
Military: Colonial served in Indian and Rev. War. Was in many engagements and skirmishes with Geroge Rogers Clark upon the Ohio River.
Died: May 17, 1831 Zanesville
Buried: in family plot on homestead farm near Zanesville
Was a member of VA convention adopting the constitution. Elected from the state to 4th, 6th, and 7th congresses. Moved to Ohio in 1807 where he was elected State representative and senator.

John Kelly
John Kelly
Picture from FAG member ckelly
Born: August 22, 1755 Virginia
Married: Elizabeth Askins
Died: January 11, 1853 in Union twp aged 98 yrs
Buried: Rich Hill Cemetery

Jacob Kreager

Born: November 17, 1753
Military: Private and Sergeant under Captain Thomas Jones
Died: 1843
Buried: Family plot near Gratiot, Ohio

Richard Lane
Born: 1740 Yorkshire, England
Married: Catherine Groom
Military: Enlisted by Lieutenant Nathaniel Kinnard Jr. Received and passed by William Henry July 22, 1776 of Maryland; also Private 3rd Company of 3rd Regiment Maryland Twp August 27, 1781
Died: 1811 home near Zanesville
Buried: in field 300 yeards from where he settled on Frazeysburg Rd near the John M. Lane farm known the as Butler Farm

Richard McHenry
Richard McHenry
Picture from FAG member Susan Roach
Born: Around 1780 Lonodonderry, Ireland
Military: Private under Captain Pirc, Colonial Proctor, Captain Kennedy, Colonial Butler.
Died: June 27, 1835 or 1836
Buried: Sugar Grove Graveyard, 3 to 5 miles South of Duncan Falls

Richard Marshall
Married: Keziah Sherer
Military: Private under Captain Meriwether, Colonial John Gibson, Captain Jones, Colonial Washington
Died: November 4, 1841
Buried: Blue Rock Graveyard near Gaysport

John Matthews

Born: 1765 Brookfield, Mass
Military:Private Worchester Co. Militia
Died: 1828 Zanesville

Amos Mix
Born: 1759 Waterburg, Connecticut
Married: Clarinda Barnes
Military: Enlisted 1776 Private under Captain Phineas Porter, Colonial Wooster, Connecticut Troops.
Died: 1844, Muskingum County

Lewis Pierce
Born: November 21, 1748 Bergen Co. NJ
Parents: James Pierce and Sarah Van Horne
Married: Mary Howell  on May 9, 1773
Children: Sarah, Esther, Lewellen, Jane, Andrew, Mary, Jonathan, Margaret, and Elizabeth
Military:  Ensign of the 4th Battalion of Westmoreland Co. Mil. April 2, 1778 John Kyle Captain, Peter Waddell 1st Lieutant, Jos Pierce 2nd Lieutant
Died: August 23, 1825 Muskingum Co.
 Buried:  McNaughten Family Plot on hill above Freeland Station.

Andrew Ralston
Born: 1753 Scotland
Military: Enlisted 1776 in Captain Wetzell's Company, Colonial Samuel Miles PA rifle regiment as a private.
Died: 1827
Buried: Bloomfield, Ohio

John Remay
Born: 1754
Military: Private enlisted in Culpeper Co. Va. march 1776 under officers Green and Muhlenber, James Pendleton engaged in Battle of White Plains.
Died: July 27, 1834

Jesse Richardson
Born: 1758
Military: Enlisted Somers, Connecticut 1775. Private Connecticut line
Died: 1840, Muskingum

Philip Richcreek
Born: 1761
Died: August 27, 1842 aged 81 yrs.
Buried: on his farm 2 miles southeast of Bridgeville, Ohio

John Richey
John Richey
Picture from FAG member Terry Magyar
Born: July 8, 1755 York Co, PA
Married: Mary Welch (br York Co, PA) on May 23, 1760
Children: Mary, James, Nathaniel, and Joseph
Military: Enlisted under Captain Walker PA regiment
Died: May 19, 1835
Buried: Hopewell Cemetery

William Riley
William Riley
Picture from FAG member Larrys
Born: New Castle, PA
Married: Hannah Long
Military: Enlisted as Private in Berkeley Co, Va IN 1778 under Captain John Lyle, Colonial John Morrow. Re-enlisted under Captain Jackson, Colonial Merriweather was at surrender of Cornwallis.
Died: Feb 14, 1837
Buried: Cody Cemetery near Frazeysburg

Ezekiel Rose

Ezekiel Rose
Picture from FAG member William Dilts
Born: 1735 Washington Co, PA
Children: William
Military: Captain in rangers on frontier
Died: 1813 or 1814 Roseville
Buried: Roseville
Also served as captain in the expedition against Sandusky. Surveyor and founded town of Roseville, which he called New Milford. Lived in Milford, Cumberland Co, PA. Prior to and during war then in Washington County, PA before moving to Muskingum County.

John (Joh) Slack
John Slack
Picture from FAG member Mitch Dingus
Born: June 27, 1754 Bucks Co, PA
Married: Elizabeth Swank
Military: Enlisted in PA 1776 under Captain Jacob McConkey and Major James McMasters. Reenlisted in VA under Captain Adam Vinsells, Colonial Meriwether and Major Bisbee.
Died: April 17, 1838
Buried: Bowers Cemetery
Came to Ohio in 1806

Jesse Smith
Born: 1759 probably in Mass.

John Spicer
John Spicer
Picture from FAG member Ron Spicer
Born: May 17, 1754 England
Military:Enlisted as private in 1777. Served in NJ 6 years and was discharged in June 1783. In battles of Short Hill, Bradywine, Monmouth, and Siege of Yorktown
Died: August 6, 1838 or 1839
Buried: Baptist Cemetery in Adamsville

James Sprague
James Sprague
Picture from FAG member Linda in Placitis, NM
Born:1761 Rhode Island
Married: Mary Spooner (1st) Susannah Rife (2nd)
Military: served from Mass.
Died: July 29, 1845
Buried: Otsego Cemetery

Isaac Stone

Born: 1764
Married: Chloe Morey (BR 1764) in March 1792
Military: Answered RI alarm as a substitue for Nathan Perry, under Captain Moses Wilmont 1778; 1779 volunteered under Captain Jos Franklin. At West Point,  1780 under Captain Abner Howard.
Died: 1844 Muskingum

Captain James Taylor

Captain James Taylor
Picture from FAG Member Brenda Sunday
Married: Jane McMehen
Military: Served under General Wayne. Wounded at Fort Recovery. Resigned 1802 Cavalry.
Died: 1843
Buried: Woodlawn Cemetery Zanesville

Isaac Vanhorne

Born: January 13, 1754 Bucks County, PA
Married: Dorothy Johns
Military: Enlisted under Captain John Beatty, Colonial McGaw in 5th PA regiment in January 1776. Taken Prisoner at Fort Washington in November 1776. Exchanged April 10, 1778. Commissioned Lieutenant in 6th PA regiment. Promoted to Captain June 10, 1781.
Died: February 2, 1834 Zanesville Ohio
Buried: Woodlawn Cemetery

Abner Wade

Abner Wade
Picture from FAG member Jeannie GebHart LaCues
Married: Hannah
Buried: New Hope Lutheran Cemetery near Adamsville

Thomas Williams

Died: 1810 aged 61 yrs
Buried: Williams Cemetery Falls Township

James Wilson
James Wilson
Picture from FAG member Bear & Willow
Born: 1753
Married: Catherine Collins
Military: Private VA regiment Content. Lines
Died: Aug 8, 1839
  Buried: Woodlawn Cemetery

Isaac Zane
Born: 1753 Berkeley Co, VA
Military: Captured by indians at age 9 yrs and carried to lakes; gave important information to General Edward Hand 1777.
Died: 1816 Zanesville
Granted land on Mad River NW territory

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