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Newspapers Date City/Town  Additional information
Adamsville Recorder 1884-1885 Adamsville
Adamsville Register 1891-1940 Adamsville weekly
Post-Transcript 1838 to present Dresden weekly
Clarion of Freedom 1847-1848 New Concord weekly
Enterprise 1880-1882 New Concord weekly
Hail Storm 1848 New Concord weekly
Leader 1977-1987 New Concord
Muskingum Messenger 1813-1815
New Concord
Muskingum moved in 1815 from New Concord to Zanesville
Zanesville Aurora 1838-1843 Zanesville
Zanesville City Times 1852-1854, 1860-1863 Zanesville weekly
Zanesville Courier 1846-1847 Zanesville
Zanesville Daily Courier 1884-1915 Zanesville formerly known as Zanesvlle Courier
Zanesville Evening Visitor 1837-1838 Zanesville weekly devoted to science and literature
Zanesville Express 1812-1820 Zanesville
Zanesville Gazette 1831-1856 Zanesville weekly
Zanesville Harrisonian 1840 Zanesville weekly
Zanesville Herald 1936-1940 Zanesville weekly
Zanesville News 1939-1954 Zanesville Daily
Zanesville Ohio Republican 1823-1837, 1942-1943 Zanesville
Zanesville Signal 1885-1889, 1897-1900
1888-1892, 1896-1904
1878-1887, 1889
Zanesville Daily
Zanesville Sunday News 1888-1889 Zanesville weekly
Zanesville Sunday Times-Recorder 1894-1897 Zanesville weekly
Zanesville weekly Courier 1893, 1896-1905, 1907-1913 Zanesville
Zanesville Weekly Signal 1865-1873 Zanesville weekly
Zanesville Weekly Times Recorder 1890,1893,1898-1901, 1904 Zanesville weekly
Zanesville Time Recorder 1894- Present Zanesville Daily


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