Muskingum County Cemeteries

**Note: If there is any additional information for any of these cemeteries that you would like to add please e-mail me, so that I can update this information. If you have any names that you want to add to the cemetery list. You can send me the names to my e-mail. **
Cemetery Name Also known as Address Location
Adamsville Baptist Cemetery GPS: Latitude: 40.06930
Longitude: -81.88020
Adams Cemetery  Oak Grove Cemetery Stone Church Rd
GPS: Latitude: 40.13560
Longitude: -81.88190
Adamsville/Adams Twp
Adams Mills Cemetery Crooked Creek Rd and Cemetery
GPS: Latitude: 40.15823
Longitude: -81.94644
Adams Mills/Cass twp/ Virginia Twp in
Coshocton County
Adamson Cemetery 3619 Baughman Run RD
GPS: Latitude: 39.84530
Longitude: -82.02200
Newton twp. In Pine forest on hillside
Africian Methodist Church Cemetery Brown Africian Methodist Church or
Brown Cemetery
Rural Dale Rd
GPS: Latitude: 39.79222
Longitude: -81.71500
Meigs Twp
Allens Cemetery GPS: Latitude: 39.76390
Longitude: -81.86280
Andrew Ziegler Cemetery GPS: Latitude: 39.85960
Longitude: -82.04667
Antioch Cemetery GPS location:
Latitude: 39.78970
Longitude: -81.96390
Ark Springs Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.80930
Longitude: -81.74209
Arrington Cemetery
Asbury Chapel Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.92540
Longitude: -82.17900
Bainter Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.09330
Longitude: -81.98900
Baxter Baptist Cemetery Falls of the Licking Church Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.01757
Longitude: -82.04486
Barron Family Farm Zanesville
Beatty Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.05000
Longitude: -81.95970
Ben Lett Cemetery Benjamin Lett Cemetery Highfreeland Rd.
GPS Latitude 39.83940
Longitude: -81.76870
Beth Abraham Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.94920
Longitude: -82.04140
Bethel Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.85535
Longitude: -82.02319
Stovertown/Newton Township
Bethel Cemetery Bethel Methodist Cemetery
GPS Latitude: 40.03702
Longitude: -81.79846
Bethesda Church Cemetery GPS Latitude 40.12174
Longitude: -81.89708
Bethlehem Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.02640
Longitude: -82.10110
Bethlem Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.79810
Longitude: -81.85280
Bethlem Cemetery Sidle Cemetery Dillion Hills Drive
GPS Latitude: 40.00860
Longitude: -82.09390
Beulah Cemetery 4550 Cottage Hill Rd
GPS Latitude: 40.01534
Longitude: -82.18625
Black Log Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.01190
Longitude: -82.06940
Bloomfield Cemetery Highland Township Cemetery Cambridge Rd Bloomfield
GPS Latitude: 40.04924
Longitude: -81.73818
Blue Rock Baptist Cemetery County HWY 79 Wion Ridge Rd
GPS Latitude: 39.81924
Longitude: -81.81783
Blue Rock Township
Blue Rock Cemetery Blue Rock Methodist Church Cemetery 1120 Staker Hill Rd
GPS Latitude: 39.78862
Longitude: -81.92940
Harrison Township, Gaysport
Border Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.93680
Longitude: -81.93210
Wayne Township
Bowers Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.99000
Longitude: -81.91330
Boxter Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.01780
Longitude: -82.04420
Boyd Cemetery Boyd Old United Brethren Church Cemetery
Robert Boyd Cemetery or United Brethren
Restless Rd Brush Creek
GPS Latitude: 39.85293
Longitude: -82.01010
Newton Township (Most graves have been
moved to Bethel Cemetery)
Brush Creek Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.86940
Longitude: -81.98580
Brushy Knob Cemetery Captain Tanner Cemetery/Tanner Cemetery 5580 Helen Dr/Edward Circle
GPS Latitude: 39.99750
Longitude: -82.09320
Dillon Falls
Bunting Cemetery Vernon Cemetery Dosch Drive
GPS Latitude: 40.00970
Longitude: -81.90250
Perry Township (Sonora)
Burch Cemetery Schoolhouse Rd Frazeysburg
GPS Latitude: 40.13760
Longitude: -82.05820
Cass Township
Campbells Cemetery Northpointe Drive
GPS Latitude: 40.05680
Longitude: -82.02238
Carr-Ebenezer Methodist Carr Road
GPS Latitude: 40.00100
Longitude: -81.82800
Perry Township Zanesville
Cass Family Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.13460
Longitude: -81.99770
Cass township
Chandlersville Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.89610
Longitude: -81.82860
Coberly Cemetery Couberly Cemetery or Poorman Cemetery Adamsville Road
GPS Latitude: 40.12447
Longitude: -81.98349
Cody Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.12447
Longitude: -82.09580
Cooley Burying Grounds Zanesville
Covenanter Church Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.87687
Longitude: -82.12826
Crooked Creek Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.98400
Longitude: -81.74480
New Concord
Crooks Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.99500
Longitude: -82.06170
Crumbaker Cemetery Reeve Cemetery Salt Creek Drive
GPS Latitude: 39.89283
Longitude: -81.87787
Duncan Falls
Danhauer Cemetery Fattler Ridge Rd Philo
Dorn Cemetery Red Bud Road
GPS Latitude: 40.11330
Longitude: -82.08330
Cass Township
Dove Cemetery McGinnis Cemetery Cannon Road
GPS Latitude: 40.11633
Longitude: -82.16829
Jackson Township
Dowell Cemetery Sarchet Lane
GPS Latitude: 40.11768
Longitude: -82.06580
Cass township Dresden
Dozer Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.78560
Longitude: -81.95080
Dresden Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.11800
Longitude: -82.00700
Drumm Cemetery Hopewell On private property must have permission to enter
Duncan Falls Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.87037
Longitude: -81.90628
Dunn Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.93600
Longitude: -81.91000
Wayne Township
Ebenezer Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.78280
Longitude: -82.05530
Clay Township Roseville
Evans Fairall Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.14915
Longitude: -82.15417
Jackson Township
Fairview-Weaver Cemetery Fairview Cemetery Dozer Ridge Rd
GPS Latitude: 39.78220
Longitude: -81.98190
Brush Creek
Fairview Church Cemetery Fairview Cemetery Fairview Church Rd
GPS Latitude: 40.09750
Longitude: -81.84780
Fairview Methodist Cemetery County Highway 73 Griffin
GPS Latitude: 39.92242
Longitude: -81.91793
Wayne Township
Fattler Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.85675
Longitude: -81.93030
Finley Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.97610
Longitude: -82.07610
Finney Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.88200
Longitude: -81.86790
Foster Cemetery Titus Cemetery Foster Rd
GPS Latitude: 40.14280
Longitude: -81.89560
Adamsville Township Conesville
Frazeysburg Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.12330
Longitude: -82.12360
Freeman Cemetery Freeman-Shaner Cemetery or
Shaner Cemetery
GPS Latitude: 39.90160
Longitude: -81.83930
Salt Creek Township Chandersville
Fultonham Baptist Church Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.85425
Longitude: -82.14085
Newton Township Fultonham
Fultonham Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.85780
Longitude: -82.13860
Fultonham Methodist Episcopal Cemetery Uniontown Cemetery or Union Cemetery Carson Rd
GPS Latitude: 39.85690
Longitude: -82.14890
Newton Township
Gabriel Farm Cemetery
Gaysport Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.79500
Longitude: -81.89310
Blue Rock
George Adams Cemetery Adamsville Rd Dresden
GPS Latitude: 40.10764
Longitude: -81.94960
Madison Township
Goshen Baptist Cemetery Rich Hill Township
Goshen Methodist Cemetery Rose Hill Rd Roseville
GPS Latitude: 39.84569
Longitude: -82.06475
Newton Township
Granger Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.02610
Longitude: -82.01610
Greenwood Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.94330
Longitude: -81.98640
Hastings Family Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.06069
Longitude: -81.93137
Heaven's Gate Cemetery Salem Church Rd Adamsville
GPS Latitude: 40.03850
Longitude: -81.85420
Henie Cemetery Silvey Hollow Rd Philo
GPS Latitude: 39.81293
Longitude: -81.91733
Harrison Township
Hopewell Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.95583
Longitude: -82.17083
Hoppers Grove M.E Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.11880
Longitude: -82.07590
Horner Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.15621
Longitude: -82.13463
Jackson Township Frazeysburg
Irish Ridge Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.83830
Longitude: -81.96360
Irville Cemetery Irville-Nashport Cemetery or Nashport
Creamery Road
GPS Latitude: 40.05060
Longitude: -82.12420
Licking Township
Jacob Cherry Cemetery New Castle Road
GPS Latitude: 39.86513
Longitude: -82.08116
Newton Township
John Darner Cemetery Yearling Road
GPS Latitude: 40.12053
Longitude: -81.86977
Adamsville Township
Joseph Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.92361
Longitude: -8.92206
Knox Cemetery Murphy Cemetery Ohio State Route 83
GPS Latitude: 39.75560
Longitude: -81.69970
Meigs Township
Lewis Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.90530
Longitude: -81.94970
Little Cemetery Adamsville Road
GPS Latitude: 40.12452
Longitude: -81.96728
Madison Township Dresden
Livingood Cemetery Urban Hill Rd Bridgeville
GPS Latitude: 39.96772
Longitude: -81.85101
Perry Township
Lull Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.03562
Longitude: -81.91166
Lull Cemetery Vernon Cemetery Adamsville Rd
GPS Latitude: 40.03538
Longitude: -81.91152
Lutheran Cemetery Fultonham
Lytlesburg Cemetery Young Hickory Cemetery Oak Grove Rd (High Hill Rd)
GPS Latitude: 39.77979
Longitude: -81.74652
Mattingly Settlement Cemetery St. Mary's Rd
GPS Latitude: 40.04087
Longitude: -82.06985
Maysville Methodist Church Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.15452
Longitude: -81.80068
McCann Cemetery 5755 Fawn Rd
GPS Latitude: 40.07800
Longitude: -82.08200
Muskingum Township
McDonald Family Farm Cemetery Dresden
McGinnis Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.11530
Longitude: -82.16649
McIntyre Cemetery Pioneer Hill Cemetery 1313 Blue Ave
GPS Latitude: 39.95835
Longitude: -82.01708
McKendree Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.90440
Longitude: -82.07280
McMillen Cemetery Chandersville Rd Wayne Township
McNaughton Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.87063
Longitude: -81.77985
McNeal Cemetery McNeals Cemetery or Presbyterian
Church Cemetery
Grannys Knob Rd
GPS Latitude: 40.10327
Longitude: -81.74118
Monroe Township
Memorial Park Cemetery Zanesville Memorial Park 1475 Military Rd
GPS Latitude: 39.98170
Longitude: -82.03360
Miller Cemetery Spangler Cemetery Wayne Ridge Rd
GPS Latitude: 39.90310
Longitude: -81.93980
Wayne Township
Monroe Cemetery Monroe Family Plot 2030 Rix MIlls Rd
GPS Latitude: 39.94045
Longitude: -81.75264
Union Township
Moore Horne Cemetery Moore-Horn Cemetery 7600 Fletcher Rd
GPS Latitude: 39.82575
Longitude: -82.13630
East Fultonham
Mount Calvary Cemetery W Main St.
GPS Latitude: 39.94390
Longitude: -82.03170
Mount Cemetery Rock Spring Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.92729
Longitude: -81.80708
Mount Olive Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.94580
Longitude: -81.97640
Washington Township Zanesville
Mount Sterling Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.95812
Longitude: -82.14625
Mount Zion Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.85970
Longitude: -81.74830
Mount Zion Christian Church Cemetery Mt Zion Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.14479
Longitude: -82.11570
Jackson Twp Frazeysburg
Moxahala Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.92720
Longitude: -82.00420
Muskingum College Columbarium Memorial Wall 163 Stormont St
GPS Latitude: 39.99574
Longitude: -81.73614
Muskingum County Children's Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.87208
Longitude: -82.06746
Muskingum County Infirmary Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.95854
Longitude: -82.03238
Muskingum Covenanter Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.08860
Longitude: -82.06847
Muskingum Presbyterian Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.05312
Longitude: -82.06847
New Concord Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.99830
Longitude: -81.74440
New Hope Cemetery New Hope Lutheran Cemetery 7025 Ostego Rd Adamsville
GPS Latitude: 40.07020
Longitude: -81.85198
Norwich Methodist Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.98600
Longitude: -81.79200
Norwich Presbyterian Cemetery Norwich Presbyterian Church Cemetery or Norwich Untied Presbyterian Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.98200
Longitude: -81.79600
Union Township Norwich
Oak Grove Cemetery Oak Grove United Methodist Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.75618
Longitude: -81.71541
Bristol Township
Oakland Methodist Church Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.79007
Longitude: -81.78624
Meigs Township
Old German Catholic Cemetery Saint Nicholas German Catholic Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.94022
Longitude: -81.98369
Otsego Baptist Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.12219
Longitude: -81.76360
Otsego Memorial Cemetery Ostego Methodist Cemetery 17705 Plainfield Rd
GPS Latitude: 40.12424
Longitude: -81.76346
Monroe Township
Peairs Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.92310
Longitude: -81.92200
Wayne Township
Philo Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.85896
Longitude: -81.91319
Pleasant Grove Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.95118
Longitude: -81.96069
Pleasant Hill Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.97830
New Concord
Pleasant  Valley Baptist Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.01090
Longitude: -82.12931
Plumly-Hedges Cemetery 11695 Dingey Lane
GPS Latitude: 39.76987
Longitude: -81.77710
Meigs Township
Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery Shannon Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.08602
Longitude: -82.08787
Pringle Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.92610
Longitude: -81.93930
Wayne Township
Prior Cemetery 5760 Raiders Rd
GPS Latitude:40.13620
Longitude: -82.07770
Cass Township
Prospect Methodist Church Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.09700
Longitude: -81.92600
Prosser Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.99360
Longitude: -82.00390
North Zanesville
Rees Cemetery Rose Hill Road
GPS Latitude: 39.82920
Longitude: -82.07110
Newton Township Roseville
Rich Hill Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.90360
Longitude: -81.75690
Rix Mills
Richardson Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.11229
Longitude: -81.76318
Monroe Township Otsego
Rider Cemetery East Athens Road
GPS Latitude: 39.79420
Longitude: -82.06450
Clay Township
Roberts Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.86310
Longitude: -82.12920
Rose Hill Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.83560
Longitude: -82.06860
Roseville Cemetery GPS Latitude 39.80882
Longitude: -82.07513
Ross-Lyman Family Cemetery Williams Cemetery Symmes Creek Rd Adamsville Salem Township
Ruraldale Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.77470
Longitude: -81.84080
Saint Anns Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.85560
Longitude: -81.90860
Saint James Episcopal Church Columbarium 155 N 6th St.
GPS Latitude: 39.94310
Longitude: -82.00531
Saint Johns Lutheran Church Cemetery Stovertown Lutheran Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.83300
Longitude: -81.98800
Saint Matthews Episcopal Cemetery Old Stone Church GPS Latitude: 40.12780
Longitude: -81.91580
Madison Township
Saint Paul Lutheran Cemetery Saint Pauls Cemetery Bald Hill Rd
GPS Latitude: 39.98235
Longitude: -81.88576
Perry Township
Saint Thomas Cemetery Greenwood Ave
GPS Latitude: 39.94250
Longitude: -81.99000
Salem Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.02530
Longitude: -81.85500
Salem Church Cemetery Salem Methodist Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.07057
Longitude: -81.95425
Salt Creek Baptist Church Cemetery Salt Creek Cemetery (old) GPS Latitude: 39.93185
Longitude: -81.87338
Smith Mill
Salt Creek Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.90560
Longitude: -81.76720
Rix Mills
Samuel Adams Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.98968
Longitude: -81.91930
Sherrod's Chapel Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.05114
Longitude: -82.01416
Shetler Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.12100
Longitude: -81.82150
Shipps Farm Cemetery Wayne Township
Shook Family Cemetery Frazeysburg
Smith Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.91990
Longitude: -81.92100
Wayne Township
Springfield Chapel Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.94080
Longitude: -82.09310
Stanley Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.12310
Longitude: -81.94420
Stokely Cemetery 7680 Rosehill Rd
GPS Latitude: 39.80556
Longitude: -82.07130
Newton Township
Stone Cemetery Stone Church Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.80556
Longitude: -81.86694
Stoner Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.08360
Longitude: -81.95250
Stump- Tanner Cemetery Zanesville
Sugar Grove Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.85396
Longitude: -81.83680
Swank Cemetery Washington Township Sonora
Swingle Family Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.81201
Longitude: -81.98680
The Quaker Burying Ground Dillon Falls
Timber Run Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.96060
Longitude: -82.11440
Tunis Cemetery Baughman Rd
GPS Latitude: 40.03140
Longitude: -82.08670
Muskingum Township
Union Cemetery Uniontown Cemetery or Fultonham Methodist Episcopal Cemetery Carson Rd
GPS Latitude: 39.85690
Longitude: -82.14890
Newton Township
Union Chapel Cemetery White Eyes Cemetery or White Eyes Methodist Protestant Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.12600
Longitude: -81.75300
Monroe Township Plainfield
Union Hill Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.78580
Longitude: -81.91830
United Jewish Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.94920
Longitude: -82.04140
United Presbyterian Cemetery Norwich
Van Vorhis Cemetery Vanvorrhis Family Cemetery Black Run Rd
GPS Latitude: 40.06564
Longitude: -82.15651
Licking Township Frazeysburg
Vansant Cemetery Springfield Township
Virginia Ridge Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.81500
Longitude: -81.96330
Washington Baptist Cemetery Washington Township Baptist Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.02424
Longitude: -81.94986
Wayne Township Cemetery Duncan Falls
Wesley Union Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.88310
Longitude: -82.11530
Wheelen Methodist Church Cemetery GPS Latitude: 40.10570
Longitude: -81.94230
Wilcox GPS Latitude: 40.15100
Longitude: -81.84050
Adams Mills
Willey Farm Cemetery Lutz Lane Wayne Township
Williams Cemetery Jersey Ridge Rd
GPS Latitude: 39.95890
Longitude: -82.07330
Falls Township
Williams Family Cemetery 2620 Pinkerton Rd
GPS Latitude: 39.89920
Longitude: -82.05390
Woodlawn Cemetery GPS Latitude: 39.92390
Longitude: -82.00920
Woodrow Family Cemetery Dresden
Wynkoat Cemetery 5885 Friendly Hills Rd
GPS Latitude: 40.03060
Longitude: -81.99370
Muskingum Township
Zion Cemetery Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery 12510 Ferncliff Rd
GPS Latitude: 40.13330
Longitude: -81.83610
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